• Design Fabric Festival

  • 26 - 05 - 18

    On The First Go.

    I can not see what is communicated in the first go?. I need to understand in the first go. The number of times I have heard these phrases. I have to admit I am kind of irritated by it.

  • Commotion Vol.5

  • Museum of Surveillance

  • 26 - 04 - 18

    Image selection

    Selecting an image involves not just looking at the visual experience. It needs to activate the overall setting. Bruno munari in his book, in the darkness of the night, creates not just a book but an object that evokes the sensory experience.

  • MICA Grad Show

  • Ashes to Ashes

  • 26 - 04 - 18

    Not All Maps are Military

    Trends in design are like the daily horoscopes in newspaper. They make us smile, feel angry and sometimes, just amuse us. They have creeped into our lives like never beforeā€Š, from our mothers to our next door neighbors, everyone knows the latest design trends.

  • 30 Days of Stencil Type

  • 14 - 03 - 18

    State of the Union Addresses

    In MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), weekend workshops are to look out for. Last week, we had a wonderful opportunity of working with Boston based design studio, Sosolimited for our weekend workshop.

  • 14 - 03 - 18

    Beauty and the Beholder

    The use of emoticons. To express our emotions in a concise way. Emotions are such a personal entity. Yet we managed and got accustomed to expressing it in a single entity. Personal to Single.

  • Munshi Devanagari

  • 21 - 09 - 15

    Graphic Crimes

    The moment you say, you are creating a brand for a high-end commercial product, eyebrows are raised and in an instant you are the lone ranger in a party. I have also been the part of that crown before.

  • Growing Girls

  • Ritz-Carlton Global Strategic Plan