On the First Go

I can not see what is communicated in the first go?. I need to understand in the first go.

The number of times I have heard these phrases. I have to admit I am kind of irritated by it. The first time I heard this phrase was back in undergrad and the reasoning was that there are plethora of information sources out there. And your idea should not only stand out but also be communicated in the first go. Not saying the argument stood strong back then but we just did not know any better. We had to experience a catastrophe to know better.

And now we do. In this early fake news era, if we are still continuing to believe that, I sense a bigger disaster. Yes we have multiple sources and mediums, but they are also capable of producing immersive experience, that we often forget. As designers, we are not only producing easily accessible information but also creating lazy audiences. Instead of focusing on communicating it fast, how about we stress on the it to be right.