Museum of Surveillance

Museum of Surveillance is a hypothetical museum proposal as a speculative design project. The museum casts light upon the reality of Big Brother. It destroys the notion of privacy by exhibiting it.

  • 2016
  • Client : Classroom Project
  • Role: Concept Development, Branding, Motion Graphics, Collaterals
  • Mentor : Jennifer Cole Phillips, Jason Gottlieb
  • Designers: Ninad Kale
  • Typeface: Roboto Mono
Surveillance acts as a frame which captures us, we are its subject. The identity captures the powerful and encroaching nature of surveillance by cramming you (the content) inside the logotype.

The collaterals demonstrated the characteristic of the visual identity capturing the content inside the logotype.

One of the important learning point was to create a brand that is seamless across different mediums. From digital to physical, from micro to macro.